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Planting Seeds Tutorial

We've had requests to make tutorials for people who have do not have much gardening experience or who are just starting out, to show step-by-step how to garden. We know a lot of people are home right now and this is the perfect opportunity to get your hands dirty and start growing! Growing flowers will make you and the insects happy, and growing your own food is always a great idea and will make you feel very proud! Step 1 Think about what you would like to plant & where you have room to plant it. You...

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2020 Seed Planning

We are back! We hope you all had a wonderful holiday season. We have a lot of plans for the garden this year. One of them is to build a koi pond, which will eventually be surrounded by a Japanese-style garden that the kids are doing the landscape design for. But we are taking it step by step. We are continuing to add to the cottage garden in front of the house. In the Fall, we planted an itoh peony and a peony tree. We are going to plant cosmos and zinnias again, as well as...

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