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About Us
We are a family of four; Mom, Dad, Niko & Sebastian. We live in an antique Victorian house in New England. We love to travel, garden, bake, create art, and listen to music. We're certainly not experts but we spend a lot of time working in our gardens. One of the main reasons we bought a house after living in various cities for years was to have the opportunity to create our own little version of paradise. Plus, there's nothing that tastes better than growing your own food! We like to dream and plan together what we will do next. The kids wanted to create this blog as a fun way to document and share our gardening projects and the lessons we learn, and maybe help other kids and DIY gardeners. It's also a good opportunity for the kids to learn to code and create websites (Mom is a coder & web geek). We want to help the earth by gardening in an eco-friendly way, and creating habitats to support wildlife on our little patch of the world!