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Spring Has Sprung

We are enjoying seeing plants burst out of the ground and opening up to show their bright, beautiful colored petals. The tulips, daffodils and paperwhites are starting to bloom in the front of the house. You can click on the images to open the slideshow!

The cherry and apple trees are also blossoming. We have four apple trees that are over 40 years old. Three of them still produce apples, but one was hit by lightning before we moved in, and it doesn’t produce anymore. It’s a great place for birds, though, so we hung bird feeders and bird houses on it and some of them nest inside the tree. It’s a popular hangout for the birds and its fun to watch them. Mom’s office window looks out on it and she enjoys watching the wildlife while she works.

There was a weeping cherry tree here when we moved in. A few years ago we planted two different types of flowering Japanese cherry trees, and we now have five total. Mom loves cherry blossoms! We try to make it down to the Cherry Blossom Festival in D.C. when we can.

Niko took this cool picture of the weeping cherry tree in the mist:

Our yard has a lot of dandelions and clover but we like it that way. Bees love dandelions and they need the pollen – Niko says, “Every time I run or roll around in the grass, there’s always at least one bee in a dandelion, they love it!”

The hostas and lily of the valley are starting to come up under the old maple tree and it looks like a fairytale. Lily of the valley is poisonous, but we know not to touch it.

Mom and Sebastian spent a wonderful afternoon cutting flowers to make a bouquet for the house.

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