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The Poppies

We decided to expand our Poppies this year, and planted many new varieties in the old corn field and in the front Cottage gardens. This year we planted;

Ziar’s Breadseed Poppy
Gwens Midnight Plum Poppy
Drama Queen Poppy
Sallie’s Double Pink Poppy
Amazing Grey Poppy
California Poppies
Nudicaule Blend Iceland Poppy
Oriental Brilliant Poppy
Peony Double Blend Poppy

We found that the red Oriental poppies and the California poppies were the most successful. The Grey poppies were new to us and we loved how delicate they were, the paper-like quality of the leaves were beautiful and very unique. Our local wild life found the poppies delicious as did the bugs. They also used the giant poppies as a fragrant bed. We hope you enjoy our pictures.


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